The Continuing Education Committee exists to ensure that all members of the Chiropractors' Association of Saskatchewan have the opportunity to take continuing education for the benefit of their patients, the profession and themselves.

Preliminary Understandings

All practicing members of the CAS must obtain a minimum of 30 hours of approved continuing education credit hours (or as indicated in the bylaws under The Chiropractic Act, 1994) during each two-year period.

Continuing education credit hours are given for seminars, conventions, and tutorials, pertinent to the advancement of public safety and practitioner expertise.

Each seminar, convention, and tutorial is judged on its merits including the course curriculum, course lectures and course protocol.

Continuing Education guidelines may be found under Registrar - Procedures Manual - Policy C or click here.

Chiropractic Colleges can apply for approval of CE hours by completing the Application for Approval of Continuing Education Hours form.