Board Members 2017

President: Dr. Kevin Henbid  

P: 306-922-5772
F: 306-922-2635
#3, 150 - 32nd Street, Prince Albert, S6V 7H7

Vice President: Dr. Jennifer Beggs

P:  306-584-1210
F: 306-584-2262

Board Member: Dr. Duane Pochylko

P: 306-374-4390
F: 306-374-6198
2 - 705 Central Ave. Saskatoon, SK  S7N 2S4

Board Member: Dr. Roger Kiva

P: 306-978-7788
F: 306-634-7377
20 - 207 Fairmont Drive, 
Saskatoon SK  S7M 5B8

Board Member: Dr. Doug Pattison

P: 306-731-2587
F: 306-731-4241
Box 911, 400 James St. North  Lumsden, SK S0G 3C0

Past President: Dr. Darryl Kashton


Public Board Members:
Ms. Amber Smale
Mr. Bert Yakichuk


Provincial Office Staff:

Executive Director:  Ms. Tracy Bertram


Registrar: Ms. Denise Gerein


Administrative Assistant: Mona Langlois



Contact Chiropractors' Association of Saskatchewan

3420a Hill Ave Regina, SK  S4S 0W9




Bylaws and Resolutions Committee:

Chair: Dr. Alexander Grier

Chiropractic Compensation Review Committee (CCRC):

Chair: Dr. Shane Taylor

Continuing Education Committee:

Chair: Dr. Bryan Kolisnyk

Examination Committee:

Chair: Dr. Ryan Honoway

Finance Committee:

Chair: Dr. Jennifer Beggs

Insurance Relations Committee


Modes of Care Committee:

Chair: Dr. Paul Bruno

Nominations Committee:

Chair: Dr. Darryl Kashton

Public Relations Committee:

Chair: Dr. Doug Pattison

Quality Assurance Committee:

Chair: Dr. Greg Rodgers

Discipline Committee:

Chair: Dr. Blaine L. Broker

Investigation Committee:


Discipline Committee:

The terms of reference for the CAS Discipline Committee are contained, for the most part, in Sections 32-35 of The Chiropractic Act, 1994. The Discipline Committee hears complaints brought before it by the Investigation Committee and then determines whether or not the member is guilty of professional misconduct and/or professional incompetence. Within 60 days, the Discipline Committee submits a written decision to the board and to the member whose conduct is the subject of the hearing. If a guilty verdict is reached the board determines the penalty to be levied on the member.

As specified by The Chiropractic Act, 1994, the committee consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of five members appointed by the board including a public member.

Investigation Committee:

Formed under Section 28 of The Chiropractic Act, 1994 the Investigation Committee is required to review and investigate all complaints received concerning professional misconduct or incompetence and present a written report to the Discipline Committee with its recommendations. A written report is also provided to the Board, the complainant, and the member who is the subject of the complaint.

The Investigation Committee consists of persons appointed by the Board. At least three must be members of the CAS. No member of the Investigation Committee can be a member of the Discipline Committee.

The Investigation Committee generally proceeds in the following manner:

  • Acknowledges in writing the receipt of the complaint to the complainant.
  • Advises the accused member by letter that a complaint has been received.
  • Investigates the facts of the case through review of files, personal interviews and the use of other relevant sources.
  • Comes to a decision on the matter and formulates a report with recommendations.

The written report with the recommendations of the Committee is sent to the Discipline Committee and the Board.